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This is the first IT company I haven't had to swear at!"

IT ClientYes, this is a real quote!

People First Process

Our six-part process is at the heart of what makes HelpDesk unique. By prioritizing your people and how they operate,  we learn the inner workings of your business in order to develop a system unique to you and how your team works.


Needs Assessment Meeting

Our initial meeting is where we get to know how you use your current system, what issues you’re facing, and what your technology goals are.

Systems Baselining

We get into each of your systems to get a feel of where our starting point is.

Plan Development

By this point, we have gotten to know where you’re at, what your goals are, and how you use your technology. Now we put that knowledge to work and create our action plan addressing all current and future needs.


Put the plan in action. We get to work on fixing systems and implementing any changes.

Ongoing Support and Development

Now your new systems are up and running smoothly. We like to assign a HeldDesk pro to your account and they will be your point of contact. Additional members of our team will be familiar with your systems so we are all on the same page and can lend a hand when need be.


Everything we do is well documented for our internal team to reference. We can create a quick reference SOPs for your in-house team as well.

Now, sit back and relax. These six steps create a holistic people-first approach that our clients love. We’ll remain on board with you as long as you need.

Your turn to make a move

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